Some of my students who has got good rank in IIT are listed below

1. Nikhil Raghu : Got All INDIA Rank 73 in Advance in year 2007

2. Ashok Subramanyam : Got AIR 229 in 2006. Joined IIT Mumbai five year Dual degree.

3. Shruti shukla : Got Air 716 in 2016 . Joined IIT Kanpur.

4. Vedarth Choksi : Got AIR 480 in 2016. Joined IIT Mumbai.

5. Dhruv Ilesh Sah : AIR 111 in 2014 . Joined IIT Mumbai.

6. V. Anupam Prasad: AIR 179 in 2005. 


There are more than 200 students in the list who got admission in IIT/NIT. Many of them are now pursuing higher education from very good foreign universities. Some have become enterpreneur. Some are working in very high official capacity in government services. Some are working in industries at very good position. Now its your chance to join this list by attending our academy.